Meet George Warren Sr.

(His family called him, Papi).

Lasting Legacy

Here at Warren Resort Hotels, the new generations have a lot to live up to. George Warren Sr. Started off raising his family with his lovely wife, Margaret. Living in several states throughout the US. This instilled a great sense of exploration amongst the family.

But when Margaret passed away in 1973, George set off on a mission to leave a lasting legacy and a place where his kids could always look back on. So off they went from Pennsylvania to Idaho Falls. To become the owner of, The Driftwood Inn-the first hotel. His second hotel would be purchased over in California.

But in case traveling with a family of 8 for 13 hours wasn’t enough to prove our dedication to hotels, this will. After only being in California for a day or two, the Snake River flooded our Driftwood Inn property. Forcing the family to barrel back into their car, and back home for 13 hours. Talk about a wild journey!

George passed away after two decades of building the company, but he achieved his dream for his kids; a lasting legacy and a place where his kids could look back on. Now, several decades later, Warren Resort Hotels is still family owned and operated. And ever expanding. For we have recently added the Mountain Lodge Inn in Ponderay, Idaho, claiming our 16th hotel. And we aren’t even close to slowing down, in expansion or overall improvement.

Our hotels come in an abundance of styles, size, and variety to fit whatever you may need. Ranging from larger chains like Best Westerns or Choice Hotels. To independent hotels like Marina Beach or Crown Inn.

So take a look for yourselves, find what best works for you by clicking the hotels tab at the top. Or feel free to try them all as you explore the great wild west! Sincerely, The Warren Family

Margaret and George Sr. Kids.