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    Fun Things To Do in Idaho Falls

    Whether you’re visiting in the winter, summer or anywhere in between, Idaho Falls is a beautiful place to spend a few days. With so much outdoor activities and spectacular sights within reach, you’ll never want to spend a minute indoors.

    Here are a few fun things to do in Idaho Falls

    Snake River Greenbelt

    Located in the heart of Idaho Falls, the Snake River Greenbelt is a peaceful serenity to walk along the river and overlook the iconic falls. If you want to keep it even more casual, bring some food and a blanket and find a place to sit under a shaded tree. Picnics are a great way to spend a warm afternoon and then you can stroll along the pathway, as the temperature gets cooler. Take a look at the Greenbelt map to see how you want to start you walk and which spots to stop at.

    White Water Rafting

    If you get the urge to jump in the Snake River and go for an adventure, then take a look at possible rafting trips. With the options of casually flowing down the river to white water rafting down some intense rapids, there’s a suitable adventure for everyone. Spending time in the refreshing water is a great way to beat the summer heat. So take a look at what might entice you, as you get ready to hit the water.

    St. Anthony Sand Dunes

    About an hour outside of Idaho Falls sits a completely different type of adventure. Far different from any water activities, the St. Anthony Sand Dunes offer a truly unique experience not available too many places in the world. The St. Anthony Sand Dunes is 10,000 acres with dunes reaching heights of 400 feet. Jaw-dropping to even look at, you also have the opportunity to drive off-road vehicles, horseback ride, and camp. Check out their website for when the dunes are available and what parts to explore.

    Melaleuca Field

    Summer nights and baseball go together steak and potatoes. It’s an American pastime that is great for all groups of all ages. Luckily, Idaho Falls is home to Chukars minor league baseball team. So as the radiant sunsets on a warm summer night, bring your whole group and head down to Melaleuca field for some hot dogs and sunflower seeds.

    Darby Wind Caves

    A little under 2 hours away from Idaho Falls, the Darby Wind Caves is definitely worth the time spent getting there. In order to get to the caves, there is a 5-mile round trip trail you need to take. No worries, the trail is beautiful, as you traverse past waterfalls and also fairly easy so you can bring your kids. Once getting there, the views from the top are break taking so make sure you bring a camera!

    Balloon Rides

    Seeing Idaho in all its beauty can be hard to do. There’s so much to see and often times you have to choose between seeing on spot over another. Taking a hot air balloon ride over the Idaho wilderness is the perfect compromise for getting too see as much as possible and also from a completely different perspective.

    Idaho Falls Zoo at Tautphaus Park

    Sometimes traveling with kids can be tough, especially if you run of out activities. Thankfully, the Idaho Falls Zoo offers a great way to keep kids entertained for the day. With tons a different exhibitions and animals throughout the zoo, there’s hardly any effort necessary once you get there. Check out their website to see what kind of animals to expect!

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