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Warren Resort Hotels is a family owned and operated hotel group spanning the western states of America. It was founded by George Warren shortly after his wife, Margaret passed away in 1973. With a desire to leave a lasting legacy for his children, he moved his kids from Pennsylvania to Idaho Falls, where he purchased his first hotel. He continued to buy hotels over the next several years, with the aim of offering comfortable, yet affordable places for people to stay across the West.


George passed away after two decades of building the company, but he did achieve the legacy he sought for his family. Now, several decades later, Warren Resort Hotels is still family owned and operated. Plus it has recently acquired its 14th hotel, a Best Western located in Ashland, Oregon. This will by no means be the last member of the growing family, though. Warren is fully dedicated to both expansion and overall improvement.


The hotels themselves range in size and variety, some of them being members of larger chains while others are independent. The overall goal among each hotel remains the same, though. Warren Resort Hotels aims to provide visitors from all over the world with convenient, unique places to stay while they visit the American West. See for yourself by booking a stay at one of our beautiful hotels today!