5 Reasons to Stay at Pheasant Hill Inn

Located in the ever-evolving Pacific Northwest city of Spokane, Pheasant Hill Inn offers all sorts of entertainment and activities. Although Spokane might not be people’s immediate first thought when they think of vacation, we feel like it should be. Nestled right on the Spokane river and only a short drive to Mt. Spokane, there is bound to be a reason you love this area summer through winter.
Here are a few reasons to stay at Pheasant Hill Inn

Manito Park

duncan garden manito park

Situated just a few minutes south of downtown, Manito Park is the perfect floral sanctuary for you to unwind and take a stroll. Over 100 years old and 90 acres in total, there is enough scenery to spend quite a while roaming around. Manito Park offers 5 different gardens, including a Japanese Botanical garden, a conservatory, and a duck pond. Their perfectly manicured lawns and picturesque flower gardens will have you captivated and longing to return.

Spokane Falls

lower spokane falls

Right in the heart of the city lies the roaring Spokane Falls. Recommended to see during late-spring or early summer, when the water is rushing at its peak, this downtown sight it truly unique to Spokane. Make sure you view the falls from Monroe Street Bridge, where you can soak in the cascading water.


apple cider vinegar

What used to be an American staple during the colonial days, cideries are on the rise again. No, this isn’t your gimmicky Redd’s apple ale commercial type of cider. The local cideries that are situated all around Spokane have proven themselves to be the cider equivalent of craft breweries. Three main ones reside in Spokane county: Liberty Ciderworks, Twilight Cider Works, and One Tree Hard Cider. These three companies are proving that cider isn’t just a holiday drink, it’s delicious year round!

Centennial Trail

Whether you’re walking, running, or riding a bike, the Centennial Trail is another one of the reasons to stay at Pheasant Hill Inn. Although it runs through Spokane, this 37-mile car-free trail can take you all the way to Idaho if you are feeling ambitious. The trail also runs parallel with the Spokane River, so you are comforted with the refreshing cool breeze off the water and soothed by the sounds of running water. No matter how long you venture along this trail or how fast you go, each person will enjoy spending time on this scenic outdoor path.

Mount Spokane

mount spokane

We’d be remiss if we forgot to mention one of the biggest, quite literally, attractions that Spokane has to offer. Mount Spokane, an easy and picturesque 2 hour drive from downtown, is a summertime treat and winter wonderland. Whether hiking is your passion or snow sports are your calling, there is no shortage of excitement all along this mountain region. You’d be hard pressed to find a person who loves outdoor activities that didn’t enjoy their time in Mount Spokane. So whether you’re lacing up your hiking or snowboard boots, make sure you head up to Mount Spokane before your trip is over!

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